Two for Tuesday

Can you believe it’s already Tuesday?  We have had a lot going on as far as house hunting, so this week is off to a busy start for me!  Can you believe Memorial Day is coming up this weekend?  Memorial Day weekend always meant the first day the pool opened and it always seemed growing up that whether the weather was in our favor or not, we always went up to the pool to see what/who had changed over the winter.  Being a swimmer, it also meant that outdoor swim practices were right around the corner and getting in that cold pool after a long day at school was never fun!  However, the memories made and the discipline swimming taught was something that I would not change for the world!

Here’s my Two for Tuesday for this week:

Caprese Salad:  Caprese salad always reminds me of summer picnics and get-together’s.  With bright tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and fresh basil…what is there not to like about this fun dish?  I usually top mine with a fig and balsamic drizzle for some sweetness and occasionally some salt and pepper.  I recently found that Costco sells two of the bigger mozzarella logs already sliced for under $8….what a steal!  What is a traditional dish that you usually have at your summer get-togethers?


Coachella Shorts: I have always been an avid “pinner” on Pinterest and am always looking for ideas and trends on Instagram for my Etsy shop.  Over the past couple of months, I have seen these shorts popping up more and more…they even come in a “Mommy & Me” pattern.  I finally found a pattern for them and had some time to whip up a pair for the weekend.  The ideas are endless with this pattern because you make them in sizes XS-XXL and you can use any pattern fabric and border you like (this fabric was originally for a maxi dress that I never got around to making!). I very rarely make things for myself and thought this would be a nice little treat! I wore them out on Friday night, granted it was only up to the dog park, but nonetheless, got compliments on them.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to put them on my Etsy site yet or not, but thought that I would share them with you to see what you think?  shorts

I hope you have a wonderful week!  See you back here with more creative ideas next week!



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