Two for Tuesday

My oh my, it has been a busy week!  We had some visitors for an extended weekend and it was very nice spending quality time with my mom, sister, and niece…and having people that we really know close by!  Over the past 3 months my husband and I have been very busy learning all about Austin and looking for a home to buy. It was nice to finally take a weekend off with my family touring the city and seeing all of the things we love about it.

Even though I was extremely busy with planning their weekend and getting our house ready for guests, I still had time to dedicate to launching my Etsy site and creating some fun items for my visitors.

  1. Branding: First, I would like to officially unveil the branding for Danbury’s Nest.  As I noted in my first post, the name “Danbury’s Nest” has a lot of meaning to me and I wanted that represented in my logo.  Also, I wanted to incorporate a fresh and classic look because the items in the shop will be for the baby and the home. I worked with Uniquely J Designs to create this logo…who I found off of Etsy and if you are ever in need of a graphic designer, I would highly recommend working with her!  So, drum roll please…logo
  2. Placemats and hand towels:  Both my mom and my sister are huge supporters of the embroidery work that I do.  So, for their visit, I wanted to make something for them to take back with them.  I decided to make something that I had seen a lot of samples of online, but was honestly too afraid to try.  Anyhow, I bit the bullet and did it when I found some linen placemats on sale and am quite impressed with how they turned out!  I also made some hand towels to compliment the placemats, but knew that my sister would not be using them in the same place, so it was ok that the green color was a little off! (Also, I will be selling the linen placemats in my Etsy shop in all white, all brown, all black, white with a green border (like the ones pictured below), and white with a teal border…they will be $30 for a set of 4.  Please let me know if you are interested in ordering some.)


    Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a wonderful week!


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