Two for Tuesday

Hello! As I mentioned in my “About Me” post, I am new to this whole blogging thing, but am trying my best to get on a regular schedule with posting.  So, with that being said, my goal is to stick with “Two for Tuesday” and featuring two items that I make a week.

Here it goes…

  1. Crock Pot Turkey Chili and Rosemary Olive Oil Bread:     It was an unusually cloudy day on Sunday and I decided to make some Crock pot Turkey Bean Chili (Note: It says to simmer for two hours in the recipe, but I threw it in the crock pot for about 6 hours on low and it turned out delicious!)  and homemade bread.  Now, I have an electric bread machine, but the first time I used it, I somehow added doubled or tripled the amount of salt in the recipe and let’s just say that it turned out tasting like dried out play-do!  Ever since, I have been afraid to try the bread machine.  However, I was on Pinterest one night before going to bed and stumbled across a recipe for Rosemary Olive Oil Bread which is “baked” in the crock pot and had a lot of ingredients that I already had on hand.  It made the house smell heavenly for the two hours it was cooking and I got rave reviews from the hubby.  I served it warm with fresh butter from the farm down the street, but think serving it with olive oil, salt, pepper, and/or hot pepper flakes would be good too!RosemaryBread
  2. Emma’s First Birthday:    Emma is my niece that will be turning one in May…My oh my does time fly!  In order to prepare for her birthday, my sister had been looking at ideas for her “smash cake” photos (For those of you that may not be familiar with this idea, it is very popular to get your soon-to-be one year old photographed with a small cake or cupcake because they usually “smash” it and get it all over them and it makes for very cute pictures!) and decided that she wanted to go with a pink and gold theme.  I looked at Etsy to see what we could do and after seeing the prices for some of the “smash cake” accessories, I offered to make something myself!  I did some research on how to make tu-tu’s and had no idea they were as easy to make as they are!

Please note: I will be making these for my Etsy shop, once I get the site up and running.  If you would like one of these sets before I get the site set up, please feel free to shoot me an email.  I can make them in pink, purple, blue, yellow, and white/silver and am charging $25 (for the onesie/t-shirt, tu-tu, and headband), plus shipping. (The onesie comes in 12M, but can be made in other baby/child sizes with different numbers for different birthdays or the first initial of their first name.)

Emma's 1st Birthday


A Little About Me

Hello All!

My name is Jenna and I am totally new to this whole blogging thing, so please bear with me on this journey as I try to figure it all out!  I recently gave up my career in the federal government in Washington, D.C. to relocate to Austin, TX with my husband for his job.  Thankfully, my husband is able to support us in Austin while I do some self exploration and decide what I want to do and how I will feel fulfilled.  I am also a newlywed, married in June of 2015 and loving every minute of it, (so far!).  I really enjoy traveling – my husband and I have been to Italy, Cancun, Abu Dhabi/ Dubai, and all over the US.  Due to our traveling, we have also become quite big wine snobs with our favorite being a dry red called Sagrintino from Italy.  When I’m not working or traveling, I really enjoy crafting and making many different items from house decorations to sewing baby blankets to crocheting snowmen!  Over the years, I have had plenty of friends and family members suggest that I sell the crafts that I make on Etsy and after a few months of wracking my brain and doing research on all of this, I decided that starting a blog and sharing what I make would be a great start.  I am an avid “pinner” and have tried many things that have and have not worked that I would like to share with you, in addition to the items I make on my own. Stay tuned…

So…where does “Danbury’s Nest” come from?

Part of the reason why I have been delaying blogging is because I couldn’t quite find a name that captured everything I do and want to do.  As I was shopping in Fairfax Corner in Fairfax, VA one day, I ran across a little boutique store called “The Nest Egg” and it rang a bell for me.  I wanted to include items I make for babies, for the home, and to eat and needed a name that incorporated all of that…And, what better word than “nest”! Then, I got to thinking about where my first “nest”was and what really mean a lot to me to get me where I am today…well, that was easy…the name of the street I was brought home to when I was born and spent the first 15 years of my life…Danbury Road! So, here we are at Danbury’s Nest!

That’s probably enough about me for now!  I must admit that this first post is very exciting and nerve-wracking, all at the same time! I will eventually get on a more regular schedule for posting in the near future and will keep y’all posted.